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About King Marketing 101

King Marketing is a DIY Marketing and Strategy Guide for Small Business and Entrepreneurs.

Raymell King-Foster, recognized by all as Ray, created King Marketing 101 to offer guidance and creative solutions to small business and entrepreneurs. She believes successful businesses are often accomplished by mixing expertise with strong talent and innovative business ideas. Free enterprise is the goal but the path can be unclear to those with talent and crafts but are untrained in the workings of business, marketing, and design.   Many small businesses do not have the budget to hire marketing professionals and graphic designers. She offers information about the most important marketing information, strategies, and resources for small businesses even those with little to no budget……

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Stop Selling Products!
Sell Your Brand!

Expressing your Brand Identity through your Website
Marketing Basics

The Key to Email Marketing: PERSONALIZATION

Are you more likely to open an email that looks like an ad or an email that directly has your name in the subject line? Most likely the latter because it piques your curiosity and seems like it might be important.

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