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3 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Infographics

3 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Infographics

In today’s digital age, it’s important to diversity how you engage with your audience. A Technical University of Denmark study, found that the massive amount of information perpetually presented to people is the cause of the overall decrease in attention spans. So if you capture someone’s attention and be sure to make it worth their while! That’s the beauty of infographics, they make information digestible, memorable, and interesting. Infographics are visual graphics designed to represent information or data in a simplified and creative way that is easy to view and understand. Here we will take a glanced at how your business can use simple, easy-to-read graphics to assist, inform, and impress your audience.

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You can write paragraphs and paragraphs about your business’ origin story and overall purpose but in addition to that you might seriously consider creating a graphic that provides the most important bits the public should know about you, your business, your brand, and/or your business process. Separate out the impactful bits of information and simplify it info a graphic that has minimum words mixed with images or visuals that help to tell your brands story. See this list/process infographic we created for my client’s, Grace + Love Candle Co., About Us page to highlight their candle making process.

Grace + Love Candle Co, G+L, Candle Making Process


Ease the customer process by using infographics to give them step-by-step instructions on how to use your products, resources, software, and/or programs. Adding photos or depictions of each step of the process helps to create a simulation that allows customers to easily recognize what they should do and confirm they are taking the correct actions. Grace+Love’s Reward Program requires their customers to go through a multi-step set up process, so we created this graphic on the Rewards page to improve the process.


One thing I can guarantee is that people are persuaded by incentives. So bring them front and center and let consumers easily see the direct benefits of your business, event, program, charity, etc. Use images or graphics to highlight what they have to gain from your business. Rewards programs (which I highly recommend for service and retail businesses with regular clientele) are excellent to present using infographics. See the Grace+Love Rewards Program graphic below to see how we share the various components of their program which incentivizes customers based on how much they spend with their company. 

Infographics don’t have to be a daunting task. With some research and examples you can put together infographics using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and a good stock graphic site. You can also use online templates as a free or affordable resource. If you don’t have the time but have a small budget, you can use a quick contract designer or a full service designer for a more customized unique design. See the list of resources below for designing your company’s infographic needs:

  • FreePik (Free & Paid Stock Photos/Graphics/Vectors/Icons)
  • The NounProject (Free & Paid Photos and Icons)
  • Canva (Graphic Design Templates including Infographics)
  • Snappa (Online Infographic Maker)
  • Visme (Online Infographic Maker)
  • Fiverr (Hire Temp Graphic Designers for Design Projects starting at $10)

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