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Social Media is not only apart of our daily lives but it is a powerful connector between our business and our community. It is one of the top forms of marketing we’ve ever seen. The sheer reach and influence of sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn provide the opportunity for a brand to become world renown in just a few hours. But are you using your platforms correctly? Lets look into a few do’s and don’ts of social media marketing for small business.

DO: Design post to connect with your target market

When potential clients come to me for a consult on a logo or website one of the first things I ask is, “Who is your target audience?”. And the most common response I receive is “EVERYONE”. This approach can be extremely detrimental to your business’s marketing strategy. Casting an extremely wide and undefined net means your content may not connect emotionally to the consumers most likely to actually purchase from you. By identifying a target audience prior to creating content you are able to cultivate a customized message directly to your most likely customers that will resonate with them enough to connect, engage, and eventually purchase from your brand.

This example from fashion boutique, Pnk Elephant, displays how they narrow in on a specific segment to make posts that generate a high level of interest from their target audience. By looking at the photo, do you think they are targeting men or women? An urban or conservative population? Are fashionistas more likely to connect with this page or sports fans? Married people or single? I think single, urban women, interested in fashion are more likely to follow this page then a conservative, married, male sports fan. As this exact segment fits me exactly, I can attest that it isn’t the latter.  😊 Post relevant content to create community between you and your ideal customer  


DON’T: just Post Pretty Pictures


Social engagement is just as important (if not more) than the quality of your posts. Your business may create the most beautiful bouquets that are truly impressive to look at but you are wondering why you don’t get many likes or comments on your posts. Well.. the human attention span is incredibly short and while your pictures might be great for initial awareness it isn’t telling your brands story or inspiring them or giving them enough opportunity to engage. Instead, ask customers what their favorite morning pastry is or allow them to vote on their favorite delicacy using your beautiful photos. 

The Rule of 7 says it take seven engagement with your brand before a consumer makes a purchase. After engaging with these types of posts, your followers are more likely to convert to customers the next time they get a craving for their favorite dessert. 

DO: Use other media channels to promote Your social media 

Your business’ integrated marketing mix should include marketing activities like email marketing, paid ads, website promotion, and special events. These activities should overlap into each other to successfully achieve your marketing goals.

Try: promoting at events you attend or throw special events, by creating a photobooth or provide swag and encourage attendees to use your business hashtag to drive shares, connection, and engagement. 

Try: including social media information in your email campaigns. Don’t just add the icons, make it stand out and encourage clicks. 

Also Try: Targeting google display ads that’ll drive viewers to your engaging timeline for a sweepstakes. Whatever you do just make sure you have a multi-faceted approach that extends beyond just asking friends, family, and existing clients to share your posts. 

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DON’T: Only promote purchasing or Sales Focused Posts

If your social media presence comes off as a never-ending sales pitch, people will avoid you. There I said. Yes you want to make money and Yes people love to spend money but there is more to it than just showcasing what you want people to buy. Create diversity in your posts by providing a variety of posts for followers. Some tempting photos, a good sale here and there, engagement posts, trendy videos, helpful tips, AND your product/services create a mix that makes consumers forget your trying to make money. Instead they will view your brand as  something they connect to, believe in,  desire to support, and provides a personal benefit to them. Don’t send potential customers running for the hills with constant “BUY ME” posts. 

Social media is a means to connect and build relationships with millions of people around the world. Start with a social media plan that identifies your target audience, what you are trying to achieve, various of ways to engage your audience, and how you plan to develop content that isn’t solely based on sales or products. With these corrections, your small business can thrive.

Running a small business can be challenging in today’s climate but with the right tools, your endeavor can become a thriving enterprise. Planning and goal-setting are essential for consistent branding and marketing in your organization. When in doubt, consult a professional or visit King Marketing 101 for tips and resources. 


Raymell King-Foster (Ray), has a Bachelors in Business & Organizational Leadership in Orlando, FL and a professional background in non-profit, education, marketing design, and management. She is the President and Creative Director of King Creative Solutions, a creative design agency that delivers high-quality design, strategies, and expertise to their clients.

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