Tell us a Story!

Using Storytelling to Connect with Consumers

What encouraged you to start your business or go into your craft? Who inspired you? Have you made a impact on something or someone’s life with your product/service? Was there a great failure that led to your great success?

These are the unasked questions that businesses should proactively share with the public. The answers to these questions develop your brand story. It tells people who you are, why you exist, and what’s important to you. Storytelling also humanizes businesses because it gives people stories and experiences they can relate and connect to. This is important becuase it helps to develop your brand image and build attachment by consumers.

Early in my career I worked for a Non-Profit Community Center who launched a marketing campaign called Save the Babies! Just the name alone begins to tell a story. The initiatives visual image contained a dark photo of a child with a single tear rolling down his face. The organization hosted community events and fundraisers where they shared stories and information about the children and familiies they helped. They also would also have a few kids/teens or parent or former student turned employee at every event to share testimonials (stories) and talk up the organization. It was extremely effective and I recall the fundraising goal being exceeded by tens of thousands that year. Share stories and allow people to connect to your brand!

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