How to Design a Logo to Match Your Brand Personality

You’ve come up with a brilliant business idea! This is it! You’re ready to start your own business and make a better life for yourself. You come up with a name, develop a business plan, register your business, and now you’re ready to lock in a logo. This logo will represent your brand and set the tone for your business. So how do you decide what your logo should look like?

Many people will begin thinking of creative ways to incorporate aspects of their business into the logo? Or want something unique and creative to set them apart from other businesses? But there should be more. More consideration about the message you are sending about your brand and how to best communicate your brand personality. Brand Personality describes the traits and characteristics representing your business’ values that allows consumers to connect and relate to your brand. Brand personality is important because it sets you apart from competitors, increases brand awareness, and allows customers to attach to what you represent.

Since your logo is essentially the face of your company, it is important that your brand personality is communicated effectively in its design. When clients come to us for logo design, they are required to complete a intake survey providing details about their brand tone including a checklist of traits that describe brand’s personality. See image. This allows designers to be very deliberate in the colors, style, typography, and elements incorporated into the design. It is imperative to be intentional with every aspect of your logo because it could be damaging to your brand identity if you miscommunicate your brand personality. Think of it like this, if you sold posh, girly dog accessories you wouldn’t want a logo featuring a dark colors and bulldog with its teeth exposed and a fierce scowl. Instead, you might feature something sophisticated and glamorous, with soft colors and a stylish typography.

The 5 basic brand personality trait categories are: Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness. A logo for a company with a Sincere brand would suggest kindness, practical, warmth, wholesomeness, and genuine. An exciting brand might have vivid colors and trendy elements to give off a creative or imaginative message. A competent brand will have a serious, clean, wise, tone containing simple components and neat fonts. Sophisticated brands are classic, timeless, may have luxurious elements, traditional fonts. A bold, tough, masculine logo would fit a rugged brand well.

Prior to getting your logo developed, take some time to consider your organization values, desired reputation, and the core values you want to embody in your visual identity. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can not plan your marketing using the same process and considerations are large corporations

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